You Choose – They Create

Have you ever dreamed of ruling the entire world? Not too many people have. Yes, it would possibly be cool to be the boss for a while, but with great power also comes a vast responsibility. It can be tiring, extremely tiring.

Alvin from earth

NOPIA almost offers you the leadership of the world, but they do give you power over a story line. How cool! You choose, they create. You can find their innovative animated adventure series from Kickstarter, it was just FUNDED!. Alvin From Earth is a community influenced story where after each episode the viewers can choose in which direction the story goes.

NOPIA is a Finnish Animation & VFX studio in the fast-growing business of animated reality, located in Pori, Finland. Nopia’s CEO is Teemu Erämaa. The board of directors includes, Esa Erämaa, Mika Reini and Heikki Erämaa, with senior advisor Kari Erämaa, the company has been able to create a foothold in Finland and is now stepping to the larger shoes by reaching to the international market.

Alvin from earthAlvin from earth

As Nopia says it:

” Bringing Your Character To Life! Animation is about more than just making parts move. It’s about creating a story that is understandable by everyone. It is creating a world in which characters live and where stories can be told. With your help, we at Nopia build your worlds with your character to tell YOUR story.”
Bringing commercials, games, TV and Film into life is not an easy task. It requires more than just computer skills: it requires imagination and the ability to see things as they could look. Then all you have to do is make it so. Oh no, it is everything but ‘all you have to do’. It is a skill that some have, some don’t. The staff of NOPIA obviously has it. They create heartfelt content for commercials, corporate, games, TV and Film.

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