Wanna be a daddy?

They actually invented all this!

My January trip to the sTARTUp Day in Tartu, Estonia gave me a wide view on recently developed innovations. I am now presenting four of them and I do admit, there is a bit of humor here too…

Wanna be a daddy?

Here’s an innovation for you!

FERTEREX is a phototherapeutical device controlled by APP to use individually at home to boost sexual health

Wanna be a daddy?

Laser phototherapy on testicles has following effects:

  • Increasing of sperm cells motility and life time
  • Decreasing of number of pathalogical forms of sperm cells
  • Increasing of testosterone production
  • Decreasing of inflammation (prostatitis, epididymitis)

All those effects lead to increasing of fertility, libido and potency


Someone actually still uses vinyl?

Wanna be a daddy?

Record cleaning machine that washes & dries

Degritter washes your records in an ultrasonic cleaning basin and even dries them afterwards. Your records will be spotless and ready for listening.

Of course, vinyl records do have their own, nostalgic sound so if you are into it, why not!?


If you are too lazy to shovel your own snow, check LUMEBOT!

Lumebot, the first  shovel with brains.Fully autonomous snow cleaning robot that works with a fleet.

I have to admit that shoveling snow is such an unusual task for me that on the rare occasions I get to do it, I probably would do it the old way, but if you have a lot of snow to shovel, check this out!



REALIFIED instantly turns ANY content into VR. No extra steps, no dedicated hardware, no complex software, no processing limitations! Everything happens in Real-Time, on Mobile.

If your computer can render it, we can run it in VR!

Wanna be a Daddy?

Whether it’s a photo-realistic 3D model or a game with breath-taking graphics, we play it instantly as a VR experience on your phone. No conversion, no reduced quality, no “Low-Poly”, absolutely ZERO compromise!
Bring your live events into life
No need for ANY extra equipment! Broadcast with what you already have, just follow some simple guidelines and make your live streams into VR, instantly and on mobile!
You have it in AR, we turn it into Mixed-Reality!
With our unique Real-Time Depth Reconstruction technology, we can instantly turn any AR project into a Mixed-Reality HoloLens-Like one. No need to point the phone to Augment the Reality, put it in a cardboard headset and enjoy the full immersion of Mixed Reality!

So, these four were my pick. Check them out and don’t forget: These are NOT the only fruit of Tartu sTARTUp Day!


Ed Nord

New York, New York

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