The Crown – Ultimate Bluetooth Party Speaker is Packed with Everything for the Party!

Ever notice how much stuff people carry to the beach or a garden party? Talk about packing! There’s the audio stuff, the MP3-player, the speakers, the coolers and if it’s an evening party there’s all of those party lights. Then someone’s phone needs charging and someone maybe has a portable charger… I could continue this list for a while and you know it!

Don’t take me wrong! I think the beach and a garden party need some props for the maximum entertainment. There just happens to be an easier way to take care of everything with…

The Crown –Ultimate Bluetooth Party Speaker

Bluetooth Smart Audio Pail

I just bought two (one for friend) Crowns on Kickstarter. I am so excited to get them!

And get this! All the props I spoke about are covered by ONE product! It’s like a dream come true! Really! You get 360° HD Audio, a cooler or ice bucket, you can use it as a powerback to charge your phone or other devices, and you can use it as speaker-mic to make phonecalls.

Bluetooth Smart Audio Pail

Then there’s the extra fun stuff like those cool, multicolor northern lights, there’s a bottom light with motion sensor and hey, since you can use it as an ice bucket, you can also use it as a sauna pail. Yeah, I know that’s not such a huge thing in the USA but come on! Your garden party is NEVER the same again with The Crown!

Check out the Company that is making it, they are from Finland, so cool.

Technical Details Complete List – Ultimate Bluetooth Party Speaker

• 360° HD Audio
• Multicolor Northern Lights
• Phonecalls / Speakerphone
• Icebucket / Cooler
• Motion sensor W/ bottom light
• Sauna/bathroom pail
• Bluetooth 4.2
• Micro USB Battery charge/ Powerbank
• Speakers: Full frequency speakers 2x 8W + Bass woofer 25W
• Battery duration: 10 h
• Body material: ABS plastic
• Color options: Black or White

The Crown in it’s Nature Environment  – The Beach

The Crown in it’s Natural Environment  – The Gym


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