The Secret Sauce

A crowdfunding campaign can go either way. There’s no point to paint a rosy picture saying it will always be a success and every product taken to Kickstarter or Indiegogo will ultimately make it. That would be, at best misleading, at worst, a lie.

We can’t promise success, we can’t promise soaring profits.

What we can do is this:

To increase the chances of success and to decrease the possibility of failure we offer you coaching  learned from previous, very successful campaigns that we helped to step in the world of crowdfunding. We also coach you what not to do, based on knowledge from campaigns that did not go as well as hoped.
Norded has the knowledge of the secret ingredient, Listen to Norded!

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What to do:

So, you have an Amazing Product that has every chance of making it in the big world. Unfortunately, that is not the only thing you will need. When you start a crowdfunding campaign, think everything through. We will be coaching and assisting you along as you create the following items before your launch on

  1. An Amazing Product
  2. Patent & Trademark
  3. Pricing & Goal
  4. Manufacturing Plan
  5. Marketing plan with Ad Agency and a budget for marketing
  6. Info on VAT
  7. Logistics Plan
  8. Customer Service


Don’t worry!

You do not need to have all this figured out before contacting Norded, but you should have it all planned before launching on

Let me explain, firstly, the product. There are so many great, amazing products that sit on inventor’s storage room shelves just because there is a nagging feeling of self-doubt that says: It is not good enough. That could be true, honestly, but in most cases, the product is way better than you think. Then there is the other side of that coin. The product that feels like an amazing, earth shattering invention may suit a marginal quantity of buyers, but does not suit well for mass production and would not sell well on any crowdfunding platform.

If you have an Amazing Product just contact us ( ) and we will tell you if it will do well in a crowdfunding campaign. We can help you build a prototype with our 3D printer and modeling software. If a plastic prototype is too weak then we will make it out of metal with one of many subcontracts, We hope you have a patent and trademark agreements at least on their way, because when the product is taken to the big world, it will not take long before someone tries to copy it, create a cheaper version and sell like hotcakes. If you need a help with your patent and trademarks, contact Leitzinger Lawyer Office (, in Helsinki, Finland. They are very helpful and knowledgeable.

The next thing you need is a manufacturing plan. Please don’t expect to go to Kickstarter with just an existing prototype without any kind of plan how to make more of them in volume. If you do and the success is overwhelming, you will fall far back in production and the outcome is a lot of angry backers who ask about their orders and soon will the refund-requests start falling in the mailbox.

You will also need a marketing plan. If no one knows about your product, how can they ever find it in the huge jungle of Amazing Products in Kickstarter or Indiegogo platforms. There is over 8000 live projects on these platforms combined at this moment. If your marketing isn’t well planned, your innovation will sink amongst the other like the Titanic! Not to worry Norded has worked with some of the best marketing agency in USA on numerous campaigns.

When you all the products ready, they will need to be shipped to the customers. That means you also need a logistics plan.

And when the questions start filling your email inbox, you will realize how cool it would be to have a customer service, that would take care of all the inquiries.

As I said, don’t worry and don’t panic! Norded can help you with most of these things.
Norded is here to help!

-Ed Nord

New York, New York

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