The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Crowdfunding – Part 2

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Crowdfunding – Part 2

Starting a business is always a risky jump to the great unknown. Often inventors are not even willing to start their own business. In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Crowdfunding – Part Two we concentrate on finding an outlet to the great innovations.

One of the best quality of a Reward Based Crowdfunding Campaign is the minimal risk it possesses compared to the traditional product launch business model. Check out my previous post for what exactly is Reward Based Crowdfunding Campaign.

Choose Reward Based Crowdfunding Campaign to minimize the risk

This is what Reward Based Crowdfunding is really for. To give inventors the outlet they need so the products can be found by the large audience. In addition to getting money upfront and then start product production. Most well know crowdfunding platforms are and

Case Study 1

leveraxe the smart axe

The inventor of Leveraxe, Heikki Kärnä, chose Reward Based Crowdfunding on in Fall of 2015. A total of 1,784 backers found his incredible, safe, innovative Leveraxe – wood splitting axe.

Case Study 2


Inventors of HighRoller, Pekka Vallo and Atte Haataja also chose a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. 1 694 backers funded their invention, which is Highballer – the muscle maintenance massage balls to relive those aching muscle pain.


Case Study 3

Neckpacker travel jacket

Niklas Kuusela, the inventor of Neckpacker, the amazing travel jacket with built-in patented head and neck pillow launched on and  539 backers chose this great jacket that can also be found as a vest.

Your Jungle Guide – At Your Service

Reward Based Crowdfunding can easily be the most effective way for an inventor to get their product out there to the greater audience. If starting an own business doesn’t feel like a good idea, it is possible to try and find a middleman of some kind. Often a local store that takes a cut from the sales. It is not a bad idea altogether, but if the inventor even slightly believes in the product, going just local is like playing with buttons. A Crowdfunding reaches masses of people worldwide and more people means more potential clients – or backers, as they are called in the crowdfunding world.

For newcomers in Reward Based Crowdfunding world starting a campaign, advertising, logistics planning and everything included in a successful campaign can feel scary and like walking into a jungle. This is where Norded can become you jungle guide. We have the experience, the professional touch and the knowledge to help the newcomers as well as the more experienced ones in the world of Reward Based Crowdfunding. Depending on the contract we help creating the strategy, budgeting,  start the campaign on a crowdfunding platform, consultation through the entire campaign, customer service, and logistics.


-Ed Nord

New York, New York

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