About Us

Norded LLC is a New York – based company that was founded in 2014. As the original name speaks out, the business idea lays in Nordic innovations, fruits of human mind, products that bring value to everyday life.

The product to bring Norded LLC to a new level was the Leveraxe. It was brought to world map by a kickstarter campaign which helped the inventor get the Leveraxe, an old tool re-imagined, get the product to world market.

Norded LLC has also been recreated. The new brand has given us wider aspect to the world of inventions both in Finland and Scandinavia. It is our passion to help the creative minds get their foothold in the US Market as well as markets around the world.

Norded LLC’s crowdfunding service helps innovators and companies in crucial way to leap to the international markets without founding a new establishment in foreign countries. With US based platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo we offer customized service packages to our customers.