Slush 2017 Expectations

Finally it’s Slush week! It has been such a long wait! I guess I’ve waited since the last Slush event but ever since I decided to get a booth for NORDED from Slush 2017, it’s been one long and work-filled fall.

The Macy’s Day Parade  was one of the best Olivia and I have seen in many years. I did miss the one I last year because I was preoccupied in the Finnish Lapland. I hope all of you had a filling Thanksgiving, I was stuffed like a Thanksgiving Turkey. We bought our thanksgiving this year from Boston Market  Olivia can’t cook at all, I am far worse than her.

Stating the obvious here, but I really expect to meet a lot of awesome people at Slush, in Helsinki, Finland on November 30 and December 1, 2017! I have my airplane tickets in hand and I’m leaving from JFK this evening. I very much expect it to be more of a spectacle than an event.

Then the expectations for NORDED. We have a booth there on Thursday 30th of November, B52 is the spot. We’ll be there all day. We will tell people about NORDED and about crowdfunding and we have sample-chapters of the book, NORDED – The Ed Nord Story , the origin of NORD-ED, really. The author of the book, N.B. Bligh will also be there  giving out autographs. So Cool, I can’t wait to meet her again!

We also have a really cool competition there! All you have to do is like us at Facebook and you can win NORDED products! More info coming up on this in next post.

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