Protect Father Get Leveraxe

‘I gave it to my Father so he returns safety home’  – Daughter

It’s cool to do some light wood chopping or even the heavier kind but there’s always the dangerous sound in the sentence: “I’ll go chop some wood!”. The first thing that comes to mind is fingers chopped off or something even worse. ‘Protect Father Get Leveraxe‘ is a raising mantra spoken among family members that care dearly for their fathers who are out chopping next winter’s firewood.

Safety is ultimately one of the best sides in Leveraxe® Classic MX.

Protect Father Get Leveraxe

I’m not talking about the beauty of the smooth hickory handle, yet. I’m talking about the most perfect Father’s Day gift you can ever come up with because it is not just a gift for Dads who gets to chop wood. It’s also a gift to the rest of the family because they get to let go of the fear of accidents. Leveraxe is the only wood splitting axe in the world with built in safety features!

protect father get leveraxe

‘Safety Features Built in, Amazing!’

Traditional axes give you a headache when the ax sinks into the log and you have to pull the ax and smash the log against something to loosen the blade. Not with Leveraxe® Classic MX. The leverage action takes care of splitting the log so effectively that the blade won’t get stuck. That also is a safety factor, because so many accidents with axes happen when you try to pull the ax free from the log you are chopping. With Leveraxe that won’t happen.

Perhaps it’s not the manliest thing to say, but the new, affordable Leveraxe® Classic MX is beautiful. The handle is made of hickory wood. It’s smooth and well balanced. It makes wood chopping fun.

Free yourself and your family of the constant worry when Dad goes out chopping wood. Get him the Leveraxe!

-Ed Nord

New York, New York

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