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Ricu™ – Cut and Clean

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3 fish cleaning tools in 1 – Fish Gutting Knife, Scaler & Gutting Spoon. A must-have tool for every angler.

  • 3 Tools in 1: Fish Gutting Knife, Scaler, Gutting Spoon
  • Extremely safe and effective for gutting and cleaning fish of all sizes
  • Floats in the water, so you will never lose it.
  • Highly recommend for novices to experts
  • Great ergonomic handle grip to efficiently get the fish clean and ready to eat
  • Sharp and durable blade, no sharpening required

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Ricu Cut and Clean is a simple and practical fish cleaning tool to handle all kind of fishes easily, safely and fast. Ricu combines three tools (scaler, gutting blade and gutting spoon) into one ergonomic whole. The handle protects your fingers while you work and provides a firm grip. The scaler can handle any kind of fish scales. The size and angle of the blade give you optimal cutting power which makes cutting fish open easier than ever before. You can also use the blade to easily and safely remove the fins of the fish to make the cutting process even more comfortable. After you've cut the fish open, you can use the gutting spoon to gut the fish.

  • 3 tools in 1: Fish gutting knife, Scaler & Gutting spoon
  • Extremely safe & effective
  • Red color helps to find it easily on the ground
  • Floats in the water, you will never lose it
  • Highly recommend for novices to experts
  • Sharp and durable blade, no sharpening required
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • EU food safe material certificate approved
  • Material: 30% reinforced polyamide plastic
  • Blade: Stainless steel blade, tempered to 58 - HRC hardness

When you purchase this tool, part of the money goes directly to fund WCTT – organized fish planting activities in the Finnish Archipelago. You are supporting the area's fish stocks!


About the brand

Manufacturer: Ricu-Tuotteet Oy

Made in Finland

Weight 0.26 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.1 × 0.8 in


Ricu™ – Cut & Clean


How to use

Remember to wash your tool with fresh water and dry it properly after use to keep it from rusting. This gives your tool the longest possible lifespan.

Attention: ALWAYS HANDLE THE SHARP BLADE WITH CARE. Do not use the blade for purposes other than handling fish. Cut away from your body, not toward it. If you drop the blade, let it fall. Do not attempt to catch it. Use the blade in a well-lit area, so you can see what you’re doing. You agree not to hold the manufacturer responsible for failure to comply with the safety instructions.


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