HighRoller – Ergonomic Foam Roller

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HighRoller is an innovative foam roller that lets you foam roll in ergonomic and more effective positions by allowing you to relax while rolling and benefits include:

  • Improves your flexibility, mobility and economy of movement
  • Decreases the risk of sprains, injuries and relieves chronic pains
  • Improves blood circulation, muscle metabolism and relaxes soft tissues
  • Calm and easy to do movements will allow you to relax while rolling
  • The stand helps allows you to roll without putting pressure on your arms
  • Correct rolling opens your adnate fascia and returns shortened muscles back to normal length
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Join the HighRoller - Ergonomic Foam Roller Revolution
HighRoller is an innovative foam roller that spins effortlessly on an adjustable stand.
  • It's light weight aluminum stand is easy to assemble/disassemble stand.
  • The leg's are removable which allow you to use HighRoller in three different positions: High, Low and Angled.
  • HighRoller's legs are packed inside the roller. It easy to take with you where ever you go!
  • Measurements:
    •   H 16.73 inches x W 21.25 inches , Weight 5lb 12oz
  • Weight limit 265lb
  • Finnish invention and quality product
  • Patented and trademarked product
  • Manufactured in China
  • One year warranty

HighRolling is:

  • Easy
    • More different techniques / exercises
    • The legs of HighRoller makes foam rolling easier to use
  • Comfortable
    • HighRolling doesn't burden your wrists and shoulders
  • Effective
    • Massages more muscles than traditional foam rollers
    • The pressure is easy to control

Why HighRoller?

  • You can roll your muscles without tensing your muscles
  • Enhances mobility more effectively
  • Suitable even for elders
  • Less pressuring to your arms
  • Does not strain your wrists or shoulders
  • More exercise positions & techniques
  • Easy to use
  • Rolling pressure is easy to adjust


Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 6.1 × 6.1 in

black, orange, pink


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