Norded Opens Doors to America

Norded Opens Doors to America

Becoming a NORDED client is a gift that keeps on giving. The first steps to launching your new product in the American market are usually the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, with coaching and customer service, followed with a continuation of the campaign on Indiegogo, In Demand.
But it doesn’t stop there, the door just keep opening. Here is one of our success story we can very much call ours, as much as their – Norded opens doors to America.


norded opens doors to america

In the field of muscle maintenance, the HighRoller inventors Pekka Vallo and Atte Haataja are the absolute top. Both active in sports, came to realize that existing foam rollers were too demanding: The muscle maintenance after a hard workout should be a relaxing activity, not another workout on top of the first one. So, they invented the High Roller, a foam roller that allows the body to relax while cooling down.
They didn’t stop there. They invented a new muscle maintenance equipment: the High Baller, which through Norded LLC was taken to the crowdfunding campaign and funded successfully. The Kickstarter campaigns paid off in another way too: Investors became interested in the products and inventions and so the HighRoller was able to keep on inventing. After the HighBaller, the inventing master minds wanted to come up with more body healing equipment. They brainstormed up the HighHealer and with strong experience from the Kickstarter campaign by Norded, they took the invention to Indiegogo.

Proof of Success

norded opens doors

To us, proof of success is making it in the free markets after the Kickstarter campaign. Finding investors, making room for new inventions. The High Roller started with us, learned with us and we had the honor to be their stepping stone to the grand markets.
Let’s not let them be the only success story.
Contact us, tell us about your invention and let’s conquer the world together!

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-Ed Nord

New York, New York

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