No, there is no life after Slush!

















Going to details about how life after SLUSH feels seems is a bit too early right now. It’s like the SLUSH hype isn’t really out of my system yet and right now it feels like it never will be. Of course I will calm down eventually, I better or I’ll never get anything done again.

For all of you that didn’t come to our booth at Slush – startup conference  in Helsinki Finland, it was amazing. I feel so much smarter just being around all those ingenious people.

There was a constant buzz in the entire area. Booth B-52 was in the heart of the startup demo booth circle. People got to touch and feel all the great products from our suppliers that we have brought to America. Hot example is the Leveraxe.

Here are some of the feedback from the people at stopped at our Slush booth. It seems like NORDED was liked and at least checked!

Booth Reviews:

WOW! Norded came all the way from New York to Slush in Helsinki. You are crazy!
– Citizen of Helsinki, Conference Pass

Actually, we didn’t. The company is from New York yes, but we all live in Finland, at least part of the year so we were already in the country.

Supporting Finnish companies going to America, by using a market entry Tool like is so needed in Finland. Norded is going to be super successful here.
-Startup Hub Manager, Executive Pass

I love all 3 services packages Norded is offer for European Companies in the American Market.
-Visitor at Polar Bear Pitching, Oulu, Conference Pass

How did you discover all of these amazing Finnish products that you are now selling in America?
-Media Contact, Conference Pass

Brand Reviews:

What really blow me away was the book that you are writing, called NORDED. It jumped right out at me by moving the -ED in front of NORD-, you automatically get the main characters first and last name . Norded brand just jump out at me because of the super clean logo, as I was walking by your booth at Slush ’17, in Helsinki.

-Marketing Agency CEO, Executive Pass

I would call that a success!

Yours Truly,

Ed Nored

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