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Hello all gamers! We, well to be exact, this great Finnish game developer called Kamina Dimension, has a real jewel for all of us.
The video game that is all the rave called, MindSeize – 2D Action Adventure Game that is now live on !


• Combat and exploration make up most of the gameplay in MindSeize. To help you fight enemies and explore planets, there will be many abilities, items and weapons for you to find and unlock.
• Your weapons are divided into two categories: Ranged Weapons and Melee Weapons, you can have one of each equipped at a time.
• Power, the green bar in the UI, is used by some abilities and special attacks which vary by weapon. You gain power by dealing damage with normal attacks.
• Customize your weapons and abilities in the Upgrade Network by spending Upgrade Points that you can find in the world. You can further customize your weapons and abilities by equipping items called ‘mods’.

Live on

Kamina Dimension aims to find all those who are and who would like to become gamers. The Mind Seize may initially feel slightly different and challenging to those gamers who are more used to the first-person action games, but the hardcore gamers know a treasure when they see one and that is what The MindSeize is!

MindSeize - 2D Action Adventure Game

In the MindSeize you play as a private investigator chasing after a dangerous criminal organization called ‘The Ascended’. Their goal is to surpass humanity and leave people’s mortal shells behind. For unknown reasons, the Ascended have commenced to steal innocent minds, leaving their victims in a vegetative state. They have become a real threat to the universe.

The situation soon turns personal when the Ascended find out about your investigations and retaliate by seizing your daughter’s mind and crippling you. In desperation, you decide to act against your ideals and risk your humanity in the process. You have to leave your old self behind, connect your mind with an advanced robotic body and ascend, in order to save your daughter.

MindSeize - 2D Action Adventure Game

MindSeize – 2D Action Adventure Game set in a futuristic universe, in which the player must explore untamed planets and fight powerful enemies. The game is a “Metroidvania”, inspired by series like Metroid and Castlevania, as well as Mega Man X. Exploration is key to success!
MindSeize is currently being developed for PC-platorms, but Kamina Dimension is looking into porting the game for consoles as well


• 2D Action Adventure gameplay with Metroidvania elements
• Beautiful pixel art with mesmerizing, handmade animations
• Reveal the secrets of unexplored planets and fight the dangers that lurk within!
• Discover multiple weapons and power up your abilities
• Get ready to take on difficult boss fights!

Get your Mindseize now on, I just bought mine !


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New York, New York

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