Leveraxe Inventor That Harnessed ‘Sisu’

leveraxe inventor harnesses sisu
“The traditional axe needed to be reinvented” -Heikki Karna

The Misconception of Finnish Inventors

“In Finland inventors are seen as the village idiots.” -Heikki Karna, Leveraxe® Inventor. For the record, this is NOT an official statement of the company Norded. This was said by the incredibly smart man, Heikki Kärnä who is the Leveraxe Inventor that Harnessed ‘Sisu’, a Finnish word for ‘guts’.

One might think that old inventions never need to be re-invented. But just as wheel has been re-invented, so has the ancient wood-chopping tool, the axe. The Leveraxe® is not about laziness like so many other modern inventions. Take an old-fashioned axe, some logs and start chopping firewood. In mere moments you are covered in sweat, mosquitoes and swear-words – if those fit into your dictionary. This all assuming the axe didn’t slip, and you didn’t lose a gallon of blood from the gash you chopped to your own leg. The leveraxe is all about safety!

Inventor Heikki Kärnä discovered the need for a safer, more effective axe after purchasing some land at Sipoo in 1980’s. In 1990’s, after retiring Kärnä had more time for the development. What Heikki did not expect was the cold shoulder he got from the young engineers of Inventor’s Foundation (Keksintösäätiö). He was very directly told that an axe was such an old invention that it couldn’t really be re-invented.
Oh yeah?

what is sisu

It Took ‘Sisu’, to Push the Leveraxe Through.

Heikki harnessed his “sisu” and turned out numerous prototypes until he found the perfect one. After being pushed away by the Inventor’s Foundation Heikki Kärnä applied for a patent for his invention. It didn’t take wind in a year or even two but in 2005 a Finnish TV show called ‘Kuningaskuluttaja’ gave Heikki Kärnä and his invention some positive publicity when Kärnä showed how much faster and efficient the Leveraxe® was compared to traditional axes.

Leveraxe is Genius

With the Leveraxe® in your hands it only takes a short while to learn the correct technique but when you get it, the Leveraxe® is the only chopping tool you’ll ever want to use.

The magic of Leveraxe® is based on the form of the cutting edge. When you hit the wood, only 0,5 cm (0.197 inches) of the blade sinks in so the friction will absorb only a fraction of the kinetic energy. In a split of a second the blade turns on its side will levering the log apart. The blade will almost never get stuck in the wood.

protect father get leveraxe

Due to the safety hook on the back NO ACCIDENTS has ever happened with the Leveraxe®. Chopping your own leg to pieces has to be done with a more traditional axe.

Today the Leveraxe® is patented and trademarked in Finland, Europe, USA, Canada and Russia.

-Ed Nord

New York, New York

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