HighRoller – Muscle Maintenance

HighRoller for Better Muscle Maintenance

I am making it a tradition to introduce one product we have at the Norded Webshop each month. This month’s product is the ultimate cool HighRoller Muscle Maintenance, innovated in Finland by people who saw the need for something new and went about it!

Health is vital!

Whatever you do in life, no matter if it is physical work or sitting behind a computer in an office or flying an airplane, health is vital. It doesn’t really matter how actively you work out, in every case your muscles need maintenance and the HighRoller is an ultimate product for that! Carrying a huge backpack during my trip in Finland, taught me how important it is to take care of your muscles.

So lets talk about HIGHROLLER! And not the casino-winner kind.


The HighRoller was created by Pekka Vallo and Atte Haataja, two Finnish men who actively used the traditional foam rollers for muscle massage after workout. They had both felt that the traditional foam rollers had an essential flaw that turned relaxation into taxing workout. The thing with hard physical workout is that whatever you do to massage the muscles, it has to be comfortable and easy. So they brainstormed and went to a sauna. Yes, this info came straight from the source. They went to a sauna and the strange truth is that some of the best Finnish inventions were actually born in the Sauna! (Well, in the old days even the Finnish people were born in the sauna, but that is an another story.) So Pekka and Atte got the idea of lifting the foam roller off the floor. That completely changes the positions in which the roller can be used and brings relaxation back into the cool-down part of the training. It is also really easy to forget how important it is to flex the muscles before and after the workout, but trust me, the reminder the body gives is painful and sometimes a health risk. So no one should forget to massage the muscles!

It is better than the traditional foam rollers
  • HighRoller is based on different massage techniques.
  • It improves muscle metabolism, blood circulation and it also relaxes the soft tissues.
  • During training, the muscles shorten so using HighRoller correctly will help to return them to the normal length.
  • It will also improve mobility and flexibility.

You can order your HighRoller from the Norded Shop  today!

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