So don’t forget to stop by at Norded, booth A41 so you too can Getnorded.

Startup Day in Tartu, Estonia January 23-35th are amazing! Incredible actually!

The vast playfield of POSSIBILITIES is something you can only sense when you step into a huge hall with dozens of booths, investors, visitors… you name it.

The atmosphere is tangible. You can feel the expectations, enthusiasm, hope…! That is what makes a good business.

Expectations – plan

Enthusiasm – drive and

Hope… because without hope there is very little anything.

Visit the Norded booth A41 at sTARTUp Day and GET NORDED!

The sTARTUp Day in Tartu, Estonia is interesting for many reasons. There are dozens of famous speakers like Christer Fuglesang and Hermione Way, booths, where you can meet the representatives of multiple starting businesses and… you can GET NORDED in Tartu too!

Of course we decided to visit Estonia! Firstly it is close to Finland: Only a couple of hours by ship, even faster if you wish to pay for an airline ticket. Secondly: Estonia is an amazing growing ground for Startups. The technological achievements and the mentality of support for new businesses is strong.

The sTARTUp Day in Tartu, Estonia, begins on January 23rd and ends on January 25th. During the three days there are over 100 world-class speakers on the stages, sharing their knowledge and experience to those who are new in business but also to the experienced ones too. There will be a Matchmaking area, like in SLUSH and several side events so everyone will find something and some people will find everything there, I hope.

So don’t forget to stop by at booth A41 so you too can


Ed Nord,

Tallina, Estonia

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