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What is Double Funded ?

Double Funded is a data-driven crowdfunding app that leads your product launch to success.   Its wisdom is rooted in data set that are updated daily from the biggest crowdfunding platforms.

The app’s 12 dashboards give you insights into your product launch that will be both eye-opening and strategic to ensure a successful launch of your crowdfunding campaign.

Core Features you will discover in the double funded app

Your Optimal Sales Goal

Find out your sales goal that will get your crowdfunding campaign funded the quickest.

Best Launching Date

Determine the exact day you should launch your campaign to maximize your sales.

Precise Campaign Duration

 What is the optimal days you should be live to be most successful? Double Funded can tell you.

Your Ideal Categories

Double Funded helps you to choose your product categories which have the highest success rate.

Do you want to 2x your campaign sales?

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Double Funded

Double Funded is your data-driven crowdfunding tool that leads your product launch to success.

double funded app

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