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Starting a business is exciting, innovative but also pretty expensive. In some countries like Finland, new businesses have access to multiple accelerators that concentrate on helping starting businesses. It is not about charity. The accelerators help both financially and with basic know-how.

Believe it or not, but there are 82 accelerators in Finland, available for new entrepreneurs. Some of them are concentrated on specific industry and in that perspective one needs to choose carefully, which accelerators to contact.

Here are a few of the accelerators introduced:



Growth through innovation, technology and corporate renewal

Spinverse is the Nordic leader in innovation consulting, specialised in driving open innovation ecosystems, arranging funding and commercializing emerging technologies.



xEdu is Nordic’s no. 1 business accelerator for startups creating transformative learning solutions with pedagogical impact. From product development to market entry and internationalization, they offer broad assistance including coaching and mentoring, real-life testing environments for research and development. They provide a global partner network of recognized leaders in education business for their startups.



Stop searching for relevant innovations and growth companies — Catapult FINDS them for you. Startup Catapult’s data driven Team with proprietary Machine & Deep Learning algorithms continuously researches more than 100.000 top notch European startups, and matches them with your business development needs. Join their international, multi-billion corporate customers and let them help you create your success story in the world of innovation.



Nestholma Accelerator helps startups and large corporations to work and build businesses together

Support for close collaboration between startups and corporations

Nestholma helps large corporations and startups to work together. There are a lot of great opportunities, such as match-making events or conferences, where startups and corporations can meet and discuss. Still, it is very hard to actually start working together. It’s never quite the right fit, you don’t know each other, ways of working don’t match etc.



Avanto Ventures is now organising Kaira Accelerator program. Their mission is to help you upgrade your AI competences by learning through experience, and from the top European AI startups.



Turbiini Startup Accelerator supports new startups in Vantaa and is actively searching for new companies to offer innovation services. Their goal is to help business ideas evolve into teams and startups. They are located in Vantaa Technopolis, sharing premises with Research and Development unit of Metropolia Electria. They have a close cooperation with Helsinki NewCo Accelerator, Aalto Startup Center and Spinno.

They offer newly establishing tech-savvy businesses and teams coworking space, telecommunications, sparring and individualized advice to get your business running. If you are dreaming about your own company, if you are still unsure about your business idea, the next steps to take, or the best possible business partners, contact them — they will help you succeed.


7.NewCo Helsinki Accelerator

NewCo Helsinki is a destination for entrepreneurs seeking guidance and supportwheter in establishing a company or running a startup. They understand the challenge entrepreneurs face and the risk involved when establishing a company or running a startup. Their mission isto inspire people to entrepreneurship by offering business advisory support.



Health, wellness, and happy living

Vertical is constantly looking to support and collaborate with young, trend-setting entrepreneurs and teams to evolve their health, wellness, wearable and smart home ideas for increased health and a happier life.

They all want increased health and a happier life. They believe that services based on innovation in healthcare, wellness, big data in health, and the quantified self are those with the most immediate impact on how we live today.


9. HUB13


Corporations can innovate like starters! The job can start from a small or already in full swing, but the right partner brings credibility, skills and networks.

Are digital service innovations innovative with startup methods? Properly.Competition when it no longer takes place at code or application level but on the agility of teams and business models. A new digital service developer who is able to start systematic sales and marketing before product development and take advantage of early learning from the customer interface to product service is the most likely winner. Being an entrepreneur, but learning about startup skills. Unlike entrepreneurship, there is a clear leadership course called Lean Startup for studying and practicing startup methods.



Nordic Innovation Accelerator® is an international cleantech business network connecting innovations with market opportunities and funding. The services include digital open innovation platform and the Cleantech Venture Day® -event.

Nordic innovation Accelerator® offers an effective way for large corporates to find solutions for renewal and a way for startups and SMEs to find new business opportunities, partners and investors.




The Ukipolis Technology Centre aims to strengthen the Vakka-Suomi region as an operating environment that attracts business and professionals, and seeks to support new and existing innovative companies. Ukipolis fosters such environments in which companies can grow and provides business development services including business incubator program.



Mediapolis Accelerator is created for start up companies in the media field. Acceleration covers all aspects of content creation, delivery and consumption. It is meant for agile companies in digital media and media business related services, who aim for international market and rapid growth. The focus is on companies based in Pirkanmaa region but companies from elsewhere are eligble, too.

Accelerator offers monthly speaker series, share-outs, regular development reviews and demo opportunities with the investors. If you want to immerse yourself and your company in a creative, collaborative culture, designed to help you be a successful creator you were meant to be, join Mediapolis Accelerator.



Everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. VES is there to serve, support and enable people to chase their dreams. VES was founded in early 2015 to boost the entrepreneurial scene in Vaasa region. Their purpose is to serve the entrepreneurial minded with powerful insights, skills & connections that inspire, motivate and help them create new businesses. With other entrepreneurship societies in Finland, they are a part of the movement towards a more innovative, entrepreneur-friendly and economically healthy Finland.


-Ed Nord

New York, New York

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