Noora Frelander
Crowdfunding Expert + CRM
joel george
Joel George
Crowdfunding Specialist

Norded LLC is a New York – based company that was founded in 2014. As the original name speaks out, the business idea lays in Nordic innovations, products that bring value to everyday life.

It is our passion to help your product get a foothold in the US Market as well other markets around the world.

Norded LLC helps innovators and companies in crucial way to leap to the international markets.  Kickstarter the world largest crowdfunding platform is one of our favorite tools for turning your product into an international sales hit.

Norded Oy is a Finnish based company on Finland west coast.  It is founded in 2018, and heavily support Norded LLC daily operations in Finland.

Norded is highly focused on supporting company’s in the Nordic and Baltic Regions prepare for their international product launch.

We offer face-to-face meeting, crowdfunding workshops, and speaker services at nation wide events.