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This Thursday I talk about a pretty modern and super cool tool called the 3D printer. The limits of 3D printing haven’t even been found. I guess there are some but for now this type of model manufacturing is just beginning and starting to find the foothold in several different industries. Technically 3D printing is a kind of an umbrella-term for multiple technologies and it is also known as additive manufacturing. You can read about all the technical details but I’m just telling you all how cool it is!

Basically, what it means is that a digital model created by a computer can be printed out as a three-dimensional object. What used to require a ton of toothpicks and superglue, can now be created with a computer and a 3D printer. The 3D printers used to be limited to professional use for engineers and architects and people like that. As the printers become more common and the prices come down as happens with every new invention in the long run, additive manufacturing is now within reach for everyone. It doesn’t also mean that you would have to be a professional designer or engineer to use a tool like this. For those who do not need 3D printers every day, buying one can be a too large investment. Luckily there are companies, like us at Norded who can help you! Just fill out the form below and get things rolling! We have experience in this.

Norded Stamp Modeling

Our company, like most, needed a logo. We thought long and hard and came up with this idea that all products we sell, should and must be NORDED. To us it means that all the products we take into our webshop are representing the authentic, Nordic lifestyle. So we decided that each product must go through a internal review process before we sell it. If it meets our high quality standards, the product will Get Norded (#getnorded)! As a proof of this there is a stamp that was created by 3D modeling and printed out our 3D printer.

3D model get norded stampget norded n
Norded ‘N’ – 3D Printing

Soon after that came the Slush ’17, startup event in Helsinki,  last December where we were giving away free ‘Norded – The Ed Nord Story‘ book chapters and Norded pens to people who came to talk with us and of course we needed something to hold those pens so we got our 3D printer singing and see what came out of it!

Modeled get norded Nget norded n

So to get your own ideas printed into 3D models, just contact us for a price quote. We can ship for free worldwide!

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