Summer Cities of Finland

Travelling in Finland can be challenging to a foreigner without any previous experience or context of Finland. This is why I decided to introduce one way to look at the

Summer Cities of Finland!

I start with the Norded business partners and their home cities in Finland.

HELSINKI! The capital of Finland. Helsinki is also the home of Zune, the most funded audio bucket ever!

Rauma and Vanha Rauma. Rauma is the third oldest city in Finland (founded 1442) and Rauma is also where the Norded – Finland office can be found.

Turku! The oldest city in Finland but only for the history nuts. For business Turku is a true cradle of innovation and from Turku you can find BOOST! The most amazing community boosting entrepreneurship and innovation in Western Finland.

Kuopio. The city in the middle of the amazingly beautiful Saimaa – Lake area. Kuopio is also the home of Kamina Dimension!

Pori. With a deep route for ships Pori is actually quite an important harbor in Finland. Pori is also the home of Nopia

Hämeenlinna with incredible medieval history, historical castle Olavinlinna and also the home of Dolly Dust baby books and/or photo books.


There you see a selection of cities that are linked to our important work with crowdfunding and our ongoing effort to make reward-based crowdfunding known to all Finland when more and more innovators and businesses can benefit from it.

We do our best to teach! Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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