Movies and Music in Crowdfunding!

In the category of music and films…

Well, we are not handing any Oscars, not today, but in my mind every artist and movie maker should receive a prize of some kind for all the hard work!

Making music is easy – for some people. Some shouldn’t even sing in the shower…

But when it comes to funding the music, getting it on a CD or simply just studio-level performance, money becomes an issue, like in so many other things.

It may surprise you, but music too can reach success in crowdfunding platforms. Of course, it is about profit, but thing with arts is usually firstly about covering the costs like recording, editing and such. For artists who have already ‘made it’, become successful, finding a studio is not really an issue. Quite the contrary: record studios practically throw fistfights to get the privilege to take care of the next top selling album for big names. But for those who have never sold any CD’s, the ones who don’t really even HAVE any CD’s yet, finding a studio, and finding a studio they could afford, can be a real Mission Impossible!

Over the past few years, the role of the record label in backing the production and creation of an album has changed, and more and more artists are going their own way. As album sales diminish, it is becoming increasingly important for artists to earn more per sale, which isn’t usually possible with a label collecting the royalties and taking their lion’s share first.

Many acts have started raising money online through platforms like Kickstarter in an attempt to not only make a better living, but also so they can create what they want to create on their own terms. When it’s just you and your fans, anything is possible. Below are the top five campaigns that far surpassed their goals on Kickstarter, thanks to thousands of dedicated music lovers around the world.

Steve Grand

Steve Grand
Amount raised: $326,593

De La Soul

Amount raised: $414,615


Amount raised: $430,255


Amount raised: $538,103

Amanda Palmer

Amount raised: $1,192,793

In the world of movies the challenges are similar

Filming movies is everything but cheap. The costs can skyrocket for even the smallest misfortune: bad weather for example can postpone outdoor filming for days. Also, the same need for independence goes for movies as music: big studios push for safe blockbusters, but indie movies are more about stories that need to be told. The artist independence is easily brushed aside by big film studios, where numbers rule everything.

Movies have something else in common with music than artist’s views: The DVD and Blue Ray films simply do not sell like they used to. More and more movie rental stores are closed yearly, because Netflix and other similar services have taken over the market. The key is in the easiness of the online service: who wants to go out in the rain or snow to rent a movie when you can just put the popcorn in the microwave oven and sit on the sofa?! Of course services like Netflix also cost money to the customer but the monthly payments do not even come close to the price of buying or renting physical DVD’s or Blue Rays. The less physical discs get rented, the more the video rental stores struggle and choices are to either raise the rental fees or close down shop. With other, much easier solutions at hand, customers choose to pay less by using streaming services.

I am just introducing one movie in the making as an example of crowdfunding-funded indie film. In this case one is enough:

Preacher Six. Horror and action in same package. Follow Father Josh as he battles his way through demons and the underworld. offering salvation one bullet at a time. If you like original content that is driven by action and amazing writing you have come to the right place. Preacher Six is a small town preacher that is summoned to the big city where he ends up fighting evil in a literal sense! The characters that he meets along the journey are something special and unique!

The movie is now in post production. I can hardly wait!

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