Fruits of Slush ’17

Why YOU should go to SLUSH?!

As our readers most likely recall, NORDED went to SLUSH ’17 last year when we launched with our new brand. It was an amazing experience, not the least because we got to see His Royal Highness (HRH), Prince William of Great Britain and HRH Prince Daniel of Sweden. That doesn’t happen every day!

Slush 17 – Photo by Petri Anttila. Prince William of Great Britain second from Left. Prince Daniel of Sweden second from Right.
The event was opened by the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö on a year when Finland celebrated it’s 100th year of independence.
Slush 17 – Photo by Petri Anttila
Slush’s Biggest Gift to Finland on it’s 100th birthday was the Hashtag, #BragForFinland.  Check out Why it is needed in Finland:

The opening speech of Al Gore was something to remember. Al Gore is my long time hero and it was an honor to be present for him important messages to the Startup Community about Climate Change.

Slush 2017 – Photo by Jussi Hellsten


Celebrities aside, the SLUSH gave us a view of the state of business in Europe today and tomorrow. New innovations, young / eager innovators, artificial intelligence, games, everyday household appliances… if you can imagine it, it was there.


Here I have 5 reasons for YOU to go to SLUSH!


  1. There are absolutely amazing keynote speakers at SLUSH every year!  2 straight days of top of the line speakers from all over the world, speaking of business and innovations.                                                                                                           
    Slush17 Stage – Photo by Jussi Hmlinen


  2. Possibility to have your own booth at Slush where you can show examples of the products you offer, ideas of the innovations and an incredible chance to connect with people in a pretty free atmosphere and liberal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                5 reasons to go to Slush
  3. At SLUSH you have the opportunity to meet people from companies that are essential to your business. They don’t all have to be customers. We got 10 solid leads from Slush 17! Ten! Some of them are now our clients, some we co-operate with and some are service providers like Leitzinger.   Leitzinger is a law firm in Helsinki, Finland that specializes in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). They even have created an à la carte IPR webshop that is unprecedented.                                                                                                        5 reasons to go to Slush
  4. Matchmaking is one of the greatest idea Slush has ever had! Taking a moment to speak to a company or individual innovator one on one at this amazing atmosphere is absolutely thrilling!                                                                                                                                                     
    Slush 17 Matchmaking area – Photo by Jussi Hellsten


  5. SLUSH always gets a lot of media coverage. Mentioning Slush and that we were there to just about anyone, is now a “thing”. Almost like being able to drop in a name. Of course Slush 17 had those royal people there so we have the advantage of saying: “Oh we spent some time with a couple of Princes…” One of the coolest things was of course the exposure we received by having one of our own interviewed for radio! Noora did absolutely great job telling who we really are and what Norded does!


Having our own booth at Slush 17 gave us the opportunity to also show people what kind of products Norded has already taken to the big US market. The enthusiastic audience had the chance to try out our products – apart from the Leveraxe, which might have been slightly scary.


Leveraxe Classic:

Cool gadgets we presented were not the only reason to go to Slush with our own booth. We also got feedback of our new brand, which was giving us tips of where to go next with our product and how to develop it. Our main reason to go to SLUSH 17 was the branding and getting Norded known.

See you at SLUSH19 !


Ed Nord

New York, New York

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Great Article! Slush was awesome this year! See you next year. Will you have a booth again?

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