Visit the Wild!

Visit the wild

When the weather starts getting colder and the rains set in, instead of wrapping themselves in blankets and starting the fires, the Finns go to the forests and start the real party – Visit the Wild.

Mushrooms, blueberries, red berries, arctic cloud berries, fishes … whatever they can use, they take and by the Finnish law they are also allowed to do so. In Finland it is called the ‘Everyman’s right’. Pick berries and mushrooms all around except everyone must remember to respect private property. In plain English that means you can harvest pretty much everywhere when it’s not on someone’s back yard, right under their windows.

Helsinki Wildfoods – Amazing Business Idea!

Helsinki Wildfoods, a company in the south of Finland that loves to visit the wild nearby Helsinki.  It is a nature brand that aims to boost the awareness of Finnish wild food, foraging, nature hobbies and nature tourism.

Helsinki Wildfoods develops and sells high quality natural food products. In addition, they organize wild food foraging walks, workshops, produce publications and offer consultation. Who would guess, but one of our favorites is their Nettle Pesto.

Gifts, Gifts All Around!

Apples, naturally, can usually only be found at gardens, like red and black currants, plums, cherries and so on. However raspberries grow wild in Finland. Berries in Finland are an easy thing to pick. There are virtually no poisonous berries so as a rule, everything is safe.

visit wild

Mushrooms are a totally other story. The best way is to go out in the forest with someone who really knows what they are doing. Picking mushrooms without a guide book and some healthy amount of studies can lead to sickness, agony and at the worst – death.

At the end of the harvest season most Finnish freezers are bursting with jams and jellies, home made juice and some choose to turn their blueberry catch into wine. The mushrooms can be found dried, frozen and chopped to pieces. What could be nicer than visiting your own freezer or cellar, which are very usual in Finnish houses, and find some fruits of the golden autumn harvest.

Fishing in Finland is a thing on its own. For that you need a permit. It is however not all that expensive and most fishing licenses cover a large area. The only exception is Lapland where you may need a separate license for each river.

Here you see how much fun visiting the wild can be!


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