Land of the Midnight Sun – Finland

The magical time of Finland’s Mighty Midsummer is taken extremely seriously by the otherwise calm Finns. As I in a previous blog stated, the moment the thermometer reaches 59 F degrees, the Finns declare the Summer officially opened and started. T-shirts, shorts, even bathing suits are swiftly found from the cabins and drawers and Finns invade the beaches in thick masses.

Finland's Mighty Midsummer

Big Name Bands, Small Venues

All expectations culminate on the Juhannus, The Midsummer weekend. Rock, pop and mixed-music festivals take place in several cities around Finland. There is something for everything and those who wish to celebrate in peace, usually head to cabins in the woods or on islands.

Finland's Mighty Midsummer

The Sun Never Sets

To the foreigners, the most incredible detail about Finland’s Mighty Midsummer is the Sun. It just won’t set! If you don’t believe me or even if you do, visit Finland in June! Of course if you are a real extremist, you will visit Finland in December, go to the northern parts of the country and never get to see the sun during the long-lasting polar night time.

There are several inseparable issues tightly connected to Midsummer. Bonfire, sausages, sauna and in many cases – booze. Fishing is also a popular pastime during the summertime. This is why I recommend you get yourself a good set of fishing gear and don’t forget the RICU – the ultimate fish cleaning tool.

The bonfires can be an amazing sight. Come a calm summer evening, sitting by a lake or on seashore can offer you a sight of dozens of bonfires on islands and other shores. Many Finns have chose to split their wood for the bonfire with the Leveraxe, because it is so much easy and safer. Usually Finns are very law-obedient people, so the rules and regulations of bonfires are kept well in mind. On some summers the bonfires have been prohibited by the government due to long dry seasons which could easily lead to ground fires. Usually the places where the bonfires are started are well chosen and close to the water, like a lake, safety precautions are taken in consideration.

Finland’s Mighty Midsummer

The Midsummer is psychologically an odd thing for the Finns. Even though the best and usually warmest part of summer is still on it’s way in July and August, to the Finns the summer starts to turn to fall when the Finland’s Mighty Midsummer is passed. The expectations that people load to the Midsummer festival(s) are great and even rain can hardly ever cause true harm to the celebrations.

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