59 degrees, Fahrenheit! (15 C)

That means goodbye long sleeves, welcome T-shirts and shorts! No more sweatshirts, and jeans, no more jackets. Just tops and hey, a few more degrees and we start seeing girls in bikinis!

Really? Is this what summer is like in Finland? Truth is yes, this is what it pretty much is like. Most summers the average temperature is +63.5 F (17.5 C). That is considered to be nice and warm, because it makes no difference if the Finns are happy with that or not, that’s what they get. Apart from the very strange, hardly ever seen temperature of 77 F (25 C), that is considered to be the official “hot weather” limit in Finland, the summers are often rainy and from New Yorker’s point of view, simply unthinkably cold. For real. 60.8 F (16 C) in Australia is the best sales time for stores! Their winter parkas sell like hotcakes!

What do the Finns do?!

41 F (5 C) is the outdoors temperature when the Finns start taking out the garden equipment, safest wood shopping gear in the world, the Leveraxe and fishing gear like RICU.

What do the tourists say?

I of course don’t really see myself as a tourist. I am a seasoned, frequent guest in Finland, so I get to have this slightly upper hand on those who visit the country the first time.

The nature in Finland is extremely beautiful about three seasons out of four. Winter there’s the snow, spring is all bright green and summer is all flowers. The beginning of fall is nice too with the ‘ruska’, when autumn leaves turn yellow and red, but the further it gets towards winter, the darker and outright boring it gets.

There are extremely amazing places to visit during the summer. In fact, most tourist attraction cities are considered to be ‘summer cities’, for example Turku, Rauma and of course the capital, Helsinki. The sights are open mainly in the summer time and if they are open in the other seasons, the hours are limited. Summer is the right time to visit Finland, unless you want to ski. Most events also take place in the summer time. Not the business happenings! Slush18 (link to slush18) for example takes place in December. I mean the leisure. There are music festivals for all tastes: rock, pop, heavy metal, folk music, gospels, jazz, opera… you name it, they’ve got it. There’s the medieval market fest, the international markets, the national circus of Finland is on tour during summer time… just to name a few. Then there are the places, like Suomenlinna (Finland’s Castle) and all the other castles in Finland, some from the 13th century. I really mean it! There were castles in Finland before Columbus sailed in America!

So, visit Finland in the summer time. Then when you fall in love with it, come back in the winter to meet Santa Claus!

-Ed Nord

New York, New York

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