Ricu Cut and Clean is a Fisherman’s Must Have

Go Fish!

Not the card game, no! I mean for real, go fish! It’s the perfect season for it and we got the perfect tool for cleaning the fish too. Ricu Cut and Clean is a Fisherman’s Must Have.

Ricu Cut and Clean is a Fisherman's Must Have
3 Tools in 1: Fish Gutting Knife, Scaler, Gutting Spoon

Ricu Cut and Clean is safe, it’s easy, it is all Finnish made, and it’s red and floats!

Starting from the color which may seem like a minor detail. It’s not. If you clean the fish out there in the wilderness or by the riverbank, the red color helps you locate your RICU Cut and Clean easily. Plus RICU floats! If you accidentally drop the tool and it ends up in the water, don’t worry! It’s not gone for good. It will just pop back on the surface where you can easily pick it up.

3 Tools in 1: Fish Gutting Knife, Scaler, Gutting Spoon

If you catch the fish, you should also be able to clean it yourself. Usually when you decide to go fishing, you have a huge box of supplies with you. Hooks, cords and all the things you may or may not need. Then you have the knife and other fish cleaning stuff there too. Usually the one item you need, is also missing on the crucial moment when you would need to clean the fish. Ricu Cut and Clean is available on amazon.com.

Mika Leinonen from Naantali, Finland, is a very enthusiastic fisherman. He got tired of always searching for the fish cleaning equipment from his toolbox and started creating a simple multi-task tool that would deem all other supplies useless. What he wanted the tool to include was a blade for cutting, a grinder-type of surface for cleaning the scales and a spoon-shape part that can be used to clean the inside of the fish. With an innovative mind, Mika managed to put all those details into the Ricu Cut and Clean, a floating multi-tool that is easy to clean.


Ed Nord

New York, New York

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