Dollydust Baby and Wedding Albums

Amazing Album Software Platform Just launched on Kickstarter

dollydust baby and wedding albums

While searching for a perfect gift for my cousin’s soon-to-be-born baby, I found these incredible Dollydust Baby and Wedding Albums that you can create online and have them delivered to your doorstep printed and beautiful.

Dollydust Baby Books just launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday this week. It was founded by Hanne Peippo, a Finnish lady, who while expecting her first child in 2012 became frustrated with the existing, traditional baby books that offer pretty limited variety of options. As we humans are all unique, capturing and preserving our first moments should be too. Hanne Peippo had a list of demands for the baby book she really wanted: it had to be made of durable materials, it had to be easily designed and it had to be beautiful. Simple and easy? Not really, because at that point such books did not exist, online or offline.

dollydust baby and wedding albums

Hanne Peippo’s family had been in the printing industry and with her arts and photography studies backing her up, she decided it was time to make her dream of a perfect baby book come true for so many people who wanted their baby books to be unique and special. In 2017 Rebecca Watson, a photographer who Hanna Peippo noticed to share her vision and visual aesthetic, joined the team that was creating the Dollydust Baby and Wedding Albums. Check out their social media sites:

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So User Friendly and Customizable

dollydust baby and wedding albums

At Dollydust’s core is a user friendly, cloud-based platform that offers limitless choices of layout, materials and acsents. This book design takes everyone in consideration: all kinds of families can create their baby book according to their own desires. Of course with this type of vast variety, the Dollydust Baby and Wedding Albums are also suitable for other occasions, such as personal journals or wedding albums.

Your Dollydust book is made online in an extremely easy to use editor and you can select, upload and fill the book with photos from your own computer or smart device. Not all the pages are the same, you can choose different frames and fonts. There are also illustration pages that the online editor offers. They were designed by Sarah Bentz, a French illustrator from Little Cube.

Sometimes the words ‘online editor’ scare people. Don’t be afraid! This is the easiest one you’ve ever seen and since it’s online, it is always with you as long as you have an internet connection.

By Ed Nord

New York, New York

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