Snowy Game of Thrones

Snow, Ice and the Game of Thrones!

The most amazing thing about snow and the Finns are their incredible innovativeness with snow and ice. They hosted the Ice Carving World Championship on Febuary 4th – 10th, 2018 in Leppävirta, where participants from all over the world made sculptures of ice, 3 meters tall in the theme of ‘stone age in the ice cave’.

Above all I need to tell you about this magnificent hotel! It is made of ice and snow in the theme, Game of Thrones! Check it out here and better yet: Book a room!

Playing with Finnish – Playing with Snow

In the Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway lives people who are called Sami. Their language, also known as Sami, has an amazing 180 different words for snow. They actually beat the Inuits there!

The Finnish language too has many names for different kinds of snow and since March is usually the month when the snow melts and then it snows again and then it melts and snows again and… Yes, this would be a long blog if I just kept on saying that because it is very true. You never really dress right for a March weather, simply because it changes in a heartbeat.

getnorded snow 1

Hiutale – snowflake.

That is the white stuff that comes down from the sky. If the ground is cool enough, the snow snowflakes stay and create a crust.

getnorded snow norded 2

Hanki – crust.

If however the ground is warm, the snowflakes either melt into water or something much more irritating: Slush

getnorded snow norded

Loska – Slush.

There are two words for slush in the Finnish language. First is ‘loska’, the really wet stuff that is only a step cooler than water. Stepping into that will soak you all over and it is cold, so cold that soon you’ll start feeling like someone was pushing spikes of ice through your slush-covered ankles. The other Finnish word for slush is ‘nuoska’. That is the less wet form of slush, that you can easily form into snowmen, snow castles and snow lanterns like in the picture.

getnorded snow norded 3

But slush is so depressing, except when we talk about the Slush 18, Europe’s premiere startup festival happening that will take place in November-December again this year in Helsinki, Finland!

So let’s talk about the nice kind of snow. When the sun starts shining up in Lapland, the snow crust is perfect for skiing.

Sometimes in the afternoon when the air is very cool around sunset,  the ‘blue moment’ just happens as captured during this drone flight.

So now that I’ve told you where to find a great hotel and the kinds of snow. Go Finland and experience the Norded lifestyle yourself!


Ed Nord,

on 15th of March 2018, New York, USA


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