Norded Winter Games

The Winter Olympic games 2018 are starting tomorrow in South-Korea so I am talking about winter sports today. But not just any sports! I like winter games like the next guy. What’s not to like! Skating is cool, ice hockey is fierce and skiing, even the cross country-type, is mainly fun, not to mention the new event Big Air Snowboarding.

But why don’t we shake and stir the cocktail a bit and come up with all new types of sports that we would like to see. The Olympics we will ceremoniously call:

The Norded Winter Games!

All the sports are team efforts and here are the events:



First member of the team: Chops down a tree as fast as you can. Then the team is given a pile of nicely sized logs that the second team member will chop into fireplace-size smaller logs with a leveraxe – safest axe in the world. The first team mate will make a neat pile of those chopped logs. Points will be given from time and neatness of the wood pile! Extra points for cool outfits!


Yes! In the summer time that is actually a sports event here in Finland.

In short, a guy carries a woman on sand or gravel road track. In Finnish the sports is called Wife Carrying and there’s a rule: The wife you carry may be yours or someone else’s but the woman should always agree to be carried! This event is a snow bank version of that. Points given for speed and also matching Neckpacker-outfits (!


Each team member presents one workout on the HighRoller – Ergonomic Foam Roller. Points will be dealt for style, poses, sounds, and outfits!

Check out this competitor that won last year event…just kidding:



The first team member makes a bottle of sparkling water with the BUBBLECAP – Soda Maker. Second team member drinks all the water and then fills the bottle with water and makes it bubbly again. The third member of the team will need to drink that water and then make another bottle of bubbly water. The first team member needs to drink this last bottle of water. Points will be given for time and taken away if water is spilled. Cool outfits may give extra points. And NO bathroom breaks in the middle of the contest!


Each team member is given a fish to clean. The team can only use one RICU – Cut and Clean and no other fish handling equipment. Points will be given for time, the handiwork and outfits. Extra points for keeping the outfit clean from fish-guts!

Well, this would probably be kind of fun, wouldn’t it?!


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Sounds like my kind of winter! When does it start?


The Norded Winter Games start now! Here is your ticket to the games:

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Thanks a lot! Helpful information!

No problem, we are glad to help!

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