What you really need is BubbleCap!

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What on earth is a BubbleCap!?!?!

One of the most irritating situations is when you’re out of sparkling water on a hot summer day or when there’s people coming over. You could go to a store and buy an expensive, big machine for the need but on a hot, July day in 2011, a Finnish boat builder, Janne Alasaarela had something smaller in mind. Something he could just use to transfer carbon dioxide, the gas that makes sparkling water, into a bottle full of plain water. What he found was nothing available. There was no such small thing on the market. We can’t all be handy and innovative like Janne, but luckily he was all that for us and created such a device. He created the BubbleCap!

It is so small you can put it in your pocket. All you need is a cartridge of carbon dioxide, a common soft drink bottle and a BubbleCap! Taking the whole set with you is easy. It saves you from carrying full heavy soda bottles home from stores or carrying a soda bottle on a hot day because if it shakes long enough, when you open that bottle it’s not a drink, it’s a shower.

bubblecap soda machineIn short:

BubbleCap is very nature friendly: You can use the same soft drink bottle over and over again which of course also saves you money. The BubbleCap is very durable. I’m a regular elephant in a china shop and I haven’t been able to break one yet! There are no moving parts so even an all thumbs like me can use it easily. You can also find really good instructions online.

Read more: Janne Alasaarela (in Finnish)


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