Finland 100 years

Finland 100 years old

Instead of Slush or all Norded I want to talk about this extremely, profoundly important day for the Finnish people. The 100th Independence Day. As an American that 100-year period feels pretty short, since the USA has been independent for 241 years this year but then I think of the magnitude of the situation here in Finland. Even when Finland is by size one of the largest in Europe, by population this is one of the smallest and right there beyond the eastern border is Russia that used to be known as Soviet Union. It is not a small thing to be independent next to a country like that and the Finnish soldiers fought hard for Finland to remain independent during the war years of 1939-1944. I have nothing but respect for this country and the people here and since my roots are right here in the granite-filled soil of this country, I know that Finland and the people will always be close to my heart. This is one of the reasons why I wish to help the local inventors take their products to the international market: I wish to do my part to help the economy here grow.

I’ve never been a history-nut but it fills me with great amazement that there are cities in Finland that were founded before Columbus sailed overseas and found America. Like the third oldest city in Finland, Rauma, that was founded in 1442. That city is a living, breathing center of life with blooming industry, not a historic ghost town at it’s 575th birthday.

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