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Norded - The Ed Nord Story

Today I’m telling you about the book, NORDED – The Ed Nord Story. My story. But first I need to share a thing or two about NORDED, the company.

I didn’t choose the area out of a whim. The first book is all about Finland but the entire Nordic area is full of these amazing, high quality products fused with Scandinavian Design. They just have challenges to get those awesome products to the huge market in America. That’s where Norded LLC started: we wanted to offer an easy way to the American market via crowdfunding, which is a great way for innovators to get their products out there. Norded LLC also has the webshop online where people can buy the Nordic products.

The book, NORDED – The Ed Nord Story tells about my 12 month journey in Finland where I met the Finnish people, the amazing, yet globally very unknown culture and this vast selection of innovations that everyone around the world should hear about. You can read from the book why Finland as a country means so much to me on a personal level.

When you read the first book, you’ll find out that NORDED was not single handedly my brain child and I don’t plan to take all the credit for it. But the book is my story, how I travelled in Finland and about everything I saw and felt. I know others might see life differently. I also realize I have a different perspective on things simply because I was raised as an American.

But deep down, I know I am Nordic.

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To those who come see us at Slush on 30 November, 2017 in Helsinki, we can arrange a copy of the first book chapter signed by the author N.B. Bligh, who will also be at Slush 2017 with us. To those who can’t make it to Slush, we have a treat on December 12th! We will publish the first chapter of the book here on NORDED NEWS!

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