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Posted by Norded on Monday, November 20, 2017

I was never really big on word games but this one clicked right away. Ed Nord, NORDED. Get it!?

I get it and I really hope you all will too.

What I want for this company to do and be, is a gateway to the US market for Nordic innovations that are useful and have a genuine possibility to thrive in the international market. I want to find the people in all the Nordic countries who have a product but lack the way to become big in America – and the world.

Crowdfunding is a great way to bring innovations to the world, but it’s also limited from some Nordic areas and that is where NORDED steps in. We can bring your products to the US crowdfunding platforms and help them thrive there. Establishing your own company on US soil is long, hard and expensive. Starting a brick and mortar store in any given state is a legal jungle and ties you to one place.

According to in 2016 e-commerce share of retail sale equal 8.1 percent of the total sales in Northern America. That amounted to an incredible 1.9 trillion dollars. Approximately 1.61 billion people do their shopping online. It is cheaper for both, the seller and the buyer and truthfully that’s how I want things to be: Everybody wins.


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